Do you handle all town and construction permits?
Yes, Pugliese not only procures all necessary permits, we also include the architectural and engineering plan as part of our contract with you. In addition, Pugliese pays the permit fees and the costs of all plans. This makes the pool build process easier for you.
Who schedules inspections? Do I have to be home all day waiting for the inspector?
Pugliese schedules all necessary pool inspections and is on site to meet each inspector to make sure that every inspection passes. You do not have to be at home; Pugliese handles everything.
Who supervises the pool construction?
Pugliese has a unique team of foremen who will be on site all day with that given crew. In addition, Tom Heath visits almost every job, everyday to assure that the project is being done to our superior Pugliese standards. Tom schedules, supervises and is responsible for all work done on site. He is known to make himself available 24/7 to listen and answer your questions. With Pugliese, all you have to do is sit back, watch and enjoy the process.
How do we know if my pool will be built to State and Pool Industry standards?
Each and every Pugliese pool is built to Pugliese standards which far exceeds State and Pool Industry standards. Tom Heath, President of Pugliese Swimming Pools, makes certain that every phase of your pool build meets all Pugliese Standards and Workmanship. In fact, every Pugliese has built since 1955 is still in use today.
What is the guarantee for the new pool?

Pugliese offers guarantees on the pool structure which is the most important and expensive part of the pool. Note. A Pugliese has never had a pool structure fail, crack and leak.

How do I know I am getting trouble free & lasting quality that at a fair price?
At no cost to you Tom will review any competitor’s proposal. If it is good and a complete proposal he will say so. On the other hand if important steps or features are not included in this proposal, he will advise you. Tom will not try to sell you. This is a sizable investment for you that should enhance the quality of your life and add value of your home. You can trust Tom Heath’s 50+ years custom pool building experience as well as the renown reputation of Pugliese Pools to give you accurate information you need to make a smart pool decision that you’ll be happy with over the coming years and decades.
Explain how Pugliese Pools has a filtration system that keeps our new pool cleaner.
Pugliese in known as innovator in the pool industry. Our hydrodynamic system is engineered for deep water cleaning and to reduce windblown debris from settling to the pool bottom.
How do you work with outside contractors?
Pugliese offers its own contractors for the entire project. However if you have a particular trade person you prefer to use, Pugliese with coordinate with that trade as though he were part of the Pugliese team.